Successful Adwords

Online marketing and promotion is an essential part of your website and Physio123 understands that in every aspect. Adwords is a campaign that will allow immediate results to be seen.

Adwords screenshot Adwords is by far the most popular and used form of search engine marketing. Physio123 has years of experience in using Adwords to generate results for physiotherapy practices. The adverts that appear are targeted specifically to those words that your potential customers are typing in the search engine bar.

Physio123 understands all aspects of Adwords and we use our experience and knowledge to generate results immediately for your practice.

Our Adwords campaigns are designed to specifically target those potential patients searching for a physiotherapist in your local area and to send them directly to your practice's website.

The basis of this is pretty simple; however, meticulous research, a tremendous amount of time and effort are all needed in order to create an effective campaign that will produce immediately results. Physio123 strives to provide these three things in addition to the proper understanding of the search engines. It can become very complex when trying to manage an Adwords campaign on a daily basis in order to continue to generate results.

Your Adwords campaign will be built from the ground up at Physio123. Your campaign will be effective and profitable. We do all the hard work, such as keyword research. We target those individuals that are relevant looking for a physiotherapist and drive them your website.

We do everything for you from the research to the managing of your online advertising campaign. This allows you to maintain focus on your practice and treating your current as well as new patients that will be sent to you via online advertising.

Once the campaign has been fully created and then launched, we will maintain the advertising and analyse the advertising to ensure that you receive only the best results.

In all of our packages at Physio123, we offer an Adwords campaign. Depending on the package you choose, you can receive up to $55 per month as an Adwords campaign budget.

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