Support & Maintenance

The team at Physio123 is made of only the best and experienced marketing experts and web designers so that our clients have the peace of mind they website is being handled by only the best team of experts. Our extensive experience and knowledge brings success to your business.

Support and maintenance

Dependable support

We provide ongoing support for all of our clients at all times. You can rest assured that any time you contact us whether it is in the beginning of the project or two years down the road, you'll receive dependable and friendly support as this is what we have built our business success on. We know how important it can be to know that everything is taken care of in terms of the promotion of your practice and we constantly strategize and implement new ways of continuing your business' success.


We don't back down once we have your website up and running online. We monitor it frequently to ensure that it is running as smoothly as possible. We will frequently take a look at the marketing and technical performance so that we can ensure your goals are being met.

Since we operate our own hosting services, you can rest assured that you'll find utmost consistency for you website as well as e-mail accounts. Your website will always be ready to serve your patients and potential patients.

Proactive maintenance

Put your crossed fingers away with Physio123 as we take a proactive approach to ensure the disaster for human error. We backup all of our websites once a day. We also have a second backup on a daily basis made in addition to another backup on our hosting servers. In other words, your website will be backed up every day three times in three separate locations. By doing this, we can restore your website very quickly should any unexpected situation occur. No matter what the problem is, we can fix it and it will more than likely be fixed before anyone even realizes your site was down.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy hear from you - good or bad.

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