It's easy to update your information on your website whether it is changing personal information, adding a new page, changing content, or anything at all you would like to do to your website. Just shoot us an e-mail specifying the changes/updates and we'll get it done quickly!

Hosting Website owners must have a reliable and dependable host for proper execution of success. If a website is not hosted in the proper location and/or is not available for viewing at all times, search engines may not capture it and will not appear in searches. For New Zealand based physiotherapy websites, Phsyio123 has designated New Zealand based hosting to ensure that your website will appear in the top filtered search results and search engines will rank your site as a result.

Cover guaranteed

We understand that you could possibly need a lot of room for your hosting so we guarantee that your website requirements will more than be met with the provided amount of website space.

Ultimately, your website is what makes your clinic online and therefore, it needs to be accessible and ready to view at any given time. We ensure that your website will be up and running 24/7. We use only the best telecommunications equipment, switches, firewall equipment, routers, multi-processor web servers, multiplexers and T-3 fiber-optic connectivity to deliver only the best hosting and the best results for your physio clinic's website.

We strive to ensure your website is up at all times and we have all of the proper and state-of-the-art equipment to do just that. Your website and e-mail servers will be up and running efficiently and securely at all times. This gives you the peace of mind of a safe website that is promoting your business so you have the time to focus on your business and new patients that your website is generating.

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