Email / Webmail

When you choose a website package with Physio123, your website will come with e-mail addresses. You can create the prefix but the latter will be your website's domain name.

For example:


Your e-mail address will be linked to a Webmail account, which is similar to Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail, and can easily be accessed from any computer that has internet capabilities. This gives you the capability of communicating with your patients, doctors, solicitors, as well as insurers no matter where you are provided you have an internet connection.

Email accounts On the other hand, you can choose to also access your e-mails via Windows Mail, Outlook, and other preferred mail clients of your choice.

All e-mails accounts are compatible with BlackBerry's, iPhones, and other mobiles. This allows you to have direct access to your e-mails no matter where you are - in the office, out to lunch, or at home. You will receive instant notification that you have an e-mail through the latest mobile technologies such as push technology.

Safe & Secure

In order to ensure protection, we provide a free anti-virus and anti-spam service with our e-mail platform. Therefore, when any e-mail is sent to you, it goes through our filtering service so that any spam e-mail is taken care of prior to making it to your inbox and any e-mails containing a harmful virus is successfully blocked from ever reaching your inbox.

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