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The design of your website isn't all that matters when it comes to the success of your website. The ease of use of your website is a strong factor in determining this. If you can't use the features on the website, then what good is the website?

What exactly is web usability?

Web usability is simply the way a visitor is able to navigate through your website in order to obtain information they are seeking. In order to have an effective website, web usability is an utmost concern.

There is more to web usability than just the technical aspect of the navigation. You also need to know how the human mind and web visitor interact when approaching a website.

For these reasons, Physio123 designs each and every website with ease of use (web usability) in mind. Some of the things that Physio123 incorporates in their designs to ensure web usability include:

Some of the things that Physio123 incorporates in their designs to ensure web usability include:

  • reducing the time it takes to actually accomplish certain tasks within your website.
  • shortening the time to learn how to use your website.
  • eliminating human error (mistakes) as much as possible.
  • enhancing the satisfaction of web visitors of the system.
  • designing websites that load quickly.
  • eliminating the likelihood of errors.
  • the creation of sitemaps.
  • creating websites that are easy to use and navigate between pages.
  • providing a feature for website search when and where suitable.
We completely understand the importance of web usability and we will do everything we can to incorporate this into our website design for your physiotherapy clinic. We know how important your website is for your clinic's marketing since we are a marketing company as well and we will create a professional and very effective website that will help you reach, achieve, and exceed your marketing goals and long-term objectives.

Physio123's goal is to ensure that our clients our happy with our professionally designed websites and we only deliver high quality results that will gain new patients and referrals for your physio clinic. No matter what web package of ours you choose, we will take web usability into consideration when designing your clinic's website as this is one of the most important parts of online marketing and the success of a website. Your website will be ready for the search engines to capture and will be easy to use for all web visitors.

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