Safe Hands

We have a solid foundation and have built our business from the ground up. We have experience in creating only successful physiotherapy websites and making old ones more efficient and powerful. With Physio123, you can have the peace of mind that your website is safe.

It doesn't matter whether your clinic is new or old, one clinic or more; we are here to ensure that you receive the highest possible return on your investment while providing the peace of mind that your website is safe and secure. We have a wide range of packages and services that will potentially allow your website to generate more patient referrals as well as more income for your entire practice - new or old, small or large.

Physio123 is a wise choice for your website. Why?

We offer dependable, prompt and reliable support

We have consistent customer service and support for our entire client base. Communication works both ways and we can't make a successful website with your critique and feedback. We welcome all of your questions and concerns and we will always provide friendly customer support. Communication is a vital part of making your website a success.

Continuous monitoring of your website

Physio123 will monitor your website after it is up and running on a regular basis. We will make certain that it stays in tiptop shape and performing optimally. We take a look at both the performance of marketing and the technical performance. We ensure that everything will run smoothly with your website by comparing your goals to the results your website is receiving.

We are a well-established company

Physio123 is one of the best developers of physiotherapy websites. Our entire team has the knowledge and experience that it takes to make sure that you business is taken to the next level in terms of website development and marketing.

Top quality hosting

We have our own hosting servers which we ensure have the highest level of reliability when it comes to your website and email accounts. By providing everything for you including web design and hosting, we can ensure that your website is looked after and always reliable for your clients.

We offer our own premium hosting

Our hosting servers are our own so everything that is done for your website is through us respectively. Our servers are optimised for only the highest quality and reliability for your all aspects of your website. Your website will always be readily available and accessible to your clients.

Proactive maintenance

Physio123 takes preventative measures to ensure that human error is not a possibility. We have all of our websites backed up on a daily basis and our backups have their own backups to ensure an extra measure of security and safety of data. In fact, every single website on our hosting servers is backed up on a daily basis in three separate locations. In the event of a disaster, your website can quickly be restored. More than likely, we will be able to fix the problem before anyone realized anything happened to begin with.

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