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Anyone can have a website. However, not anyone and everyone can have a successful effective website nor can they have a website that proves war to their competitors.

Super websites Physio123 can help you prove to your competitors that they have strong competition on the internet by creating a high quality website design and enhancing your return on investment with vital, thriving online marketing - without these two things working hand-in-hand, your website will be nothing.

Part I - High quality website design.

You not only need a high quality design but you also need to be able to portray a clear message to your visitors. Your message is that you want your visitors to turn into new patients calling your physiotherapy clinic to book an appointment. We help to ensure this message is portrayed effectively by:
  • Creating websites that have high quality images reflecting your practice and providing the much-needed confidence to visitors to call and schedule an appointment before leaving the website.
  • Creating websites that will achieve the expected results and enhance your overall image, which is how you are portrayed by your clients.
  • Designing websites that are easy to use, navigate, and understand.
Just take a look at our website portfolio. You will see that our websites are easy to use, navigate, and understand allowing visitors to find the information they are looking for quickly and effectively.

Most importantly, our designs are all unique. We will never use your design with another physiotherapy practice.

Part II - Online marketing

Having a professionally designed website isn't enough to acquire potential patients on the internet. In order to get potential patients to your website, you need an effective online search engine marketing campaign. Physio123 can help with this. We have the knowledge of proven techniques that get websites high ranks in Google.

We first determine the best search terms that are most relevant for your physiotherapy practice and we market those terms for your website. We use your city as well as your practice to determine search results. For example, Europe physiotherapy, Physios in Europe, etc.

These are the terms that people would search for when looking for a physiotherapist in Europe so we market these terms to your website. With our extensive knowledge in online marketing, we can achieve top search results for your website through:
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) - We can effectively market your website so that you rank high in Google and other search engines with search terms relevant to your practice.
  • Pay per click marketing - For a higher ROI, we have Google Adwords for all our clients and with our extensive knowledge of the most effective physiotherapy keywords, you will see immediately results - all from day one of going live on the web.
  • Designing websites with techniques and codes that search engines look for that will effectively rank your website high in search engines for fitting searches.

Proven Results

Check out our SEO portfolio and see for yourself - all of our websites have ranked high in search engines.

We can start helping you today by creating an effective and relevant campaign related to your practice. Give us a call or send us an e-mail.


We provide our services across the globe. Contact us today for a local quote and more information regarding what we can do for you.

Physio123 is available worldwide. Providing web-based services gives us the opportunity to work with physiotherapists from across the world. For more information and for prices in your local currency, please contact us.

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