We Promise To...

You can rest assured and have that peace of mind that you will receive only the best and highest quality work in everything that we do for you with our 10 promises that are made to all of our clients.

Value added to your practice
Our primary focus at Physio123 is to add overall value to your physiotherapy practice. Our web-based services are sure to meet your clinic's requirements and needs and go above and beyond your overall expectations.

The basics are never overlooked
While a good web design is important, it is also vital that we provide a great, respectful service in addition to honest, affordable pricing to all of our customers. Our customer service and support is prompt, thorough, and top-notch in efficiency. We strive to continue these efforts on a daily basis.

Save you time
You come to Physio123 so that you can work while someone else handles the technical stuff. We will handle all of the web design and marketing as well as routine website maintenance, backups, updates, etc. Anything technical is up to us allowing you to continue running your practice and doing what you do best.

No contracts - You aren't stuck with us
Contracts require you to stay with the same company for a year or more. We won't do this. If you wish to cancel your service with us, you can do so at any time - no fine print.

We will go beyond your expectations
We are here to help you achieve your goals in your physiotherapy business and we are able to do so through our excellent marketing and web design services. We are good at what we do and that is the sole reason we are as successful and established as we are. We are here to listen to your input and feedback. Let us know if you aren't happy so we can fix the problem. Don't think of us as a client of yours rather think of us as a partner helping you enhance your business. We are on the same team and we can only succeed together.
Continually improving
We want to strive to be always giving you the very best. We want to be aiming for the top all the time and offering our customers the best that we can. The way we can do this is by continually working to improve our services. We use the knowledge we get every time we create and develop a website to make sure the next one we work on is even better.

We continuously innovate
Things change every day. We are continuously introducing new ways of improving our services so that our clients benefit the most. We learn something new with every project and every design and implement that into the next project as well as updates on older projects.

Build long-lasting relationships
We are here to make long-lasting relationships not to make another sale. Our services are best used over the long-term and we strive to build and maintain a successful relationship with our clients rather than treating them as just another customer purchasing our services.

Our clientele are our investors
The functioning of our business is funded by our clientele when they purchase our services. Physio123 can only succeed with their customers.

Ensure the safety of your website
Biometric locks as well as 24-hour surveillance is what protects our high-tech servers at Physio123. We update all of our software and communications on a regular basis so they are up-to-date with the latest security patches. In addition, we ensure that your website is backed up on a daily basis. We have backups in several different locations to ensure safety and our backups have their own backups. It is one security measure after another to ensure your data is safe and secure. No one's data has ever been lost and we don't plan to start with yours.

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